‘We all eat… and it would be a sad waste of an opportunity to eat badly’ 

– Anna Thomas


Well… I couldn’t agree more! My relationship with food stems from my early days in my mother’s kitchen, she is one of the most incredible cooks and has taught me everything I know today. I love the way that food has an incredible ability to bring people together, but most of all, I love being the one opening peoples eyes to all the amazing flavours, fragrances and textures the world has to offer.

My cooking is inspired by my Indian heritage and culinary delights I have had the opportunity to sample in my travels (my other love!). I am at my happiest when i’m in my kitchen with a bunch of new ingredients, ready to try something different (hence the title); I rarely make the same dish twice but when I do, there is always a cheeky twist!

I started this blog to accompany my instagram account @madamviand to share my journey of epicuriosity with you. I want to show you how easy it is to make masterpieces at home every day with minimal effort and time, especially when you are cooking for more than one diet (I am an omnivore and I live with a vegetarian); whilst trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

P.S. although, if you want cake, you should definitely just eat it.