Pitt Cue, Devonshire Sq

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So this happened on one of the days earlier this year when the UK had a random heatwave (totally thankful for that by the way) and me being the ultimate saddo, had decided to go to the gym rather than go out and enjoy the sunshine – not today though, the brother was determined to get out and today I just couldn’t say no. I mean have you seen these pics? Who could say no to that! But of course, ahem, this was ultimately to spend time with the little bro 🙂

On this gloriously sunny day we walked in the sweltering heat to Devonshire Sq, crossing our fingers that they had a table left outside under the shade and gentle breeze of the trees, but alas, they did not. No matter though, our waiter seated right by the window instead, lovely corner booth looking out over the restaurant (it’s massive!) and handed us the menu and the specials. Us being us, looked immediately at the specials menu and the bro sought out the Kimchi Potato Skins. Now, he is particularly obsessed with potato’s anyway so I couldn’t deprive him of this and i’m realllly glad I didn’t! These were unlike anything I’ve ever eaten before, literally just the potato skins cooked to a crisp in a kimchi seasoning, served with incredibly tasty and thankfully not overpowering wasabi dip – they were demolished in mere matter of seconds.

To be honest, by this point I was already pretty full (who know’s what was wrong with me?) but didn’t stop us from ordering more! Next came the brisket toast, I mean.. this may as well have been butter on toast, it was insanely soft and just melted away in your mouth like it never existed, the toast still perfectly crisp and adding  wonderful element of texture to each bite and of course lets not forget the humble pickle slices which gave the entire dish a quirky kick – it was kinda like a reallly really reallly fancy deconstructed burger?

So, because we had something carby and then something meaty, we felt it was only right to finish on something light, although in hindsight, when has monkfish ever been considered a light fish? I’ll tell you what drew us in… it was the blood orange and fennel; I know a lot of people have a thing about fruit and meat (or just any meal that is supposed to be savoury) but the brother and I are not one of them and we couldn’t wait to see what the blood orange would add to this chunky fish. It arrived, and we were not disappointed, the fish was cooked perfectly and weirdly enough the blood orange and fennel made it seem so delicate (at this point, you should know I was practically bursting at the seams!), nonetheless, we ate that plate clean!

We both waddled back to our offices pondering over what they might have as their specials tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. I love that they keep their customers coming back for more, every day producing a specials menu just as exciting as the one before – ohhh we will be back!

p.s. please move those potato skins to the main menu 😀

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