Kricket, Soho


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Nope, it’s got nothing to do with bat and ball, and there certainly isn’t any running! This does involve Indians however….well, Indian food anyway ;)! This is another one that has been on my list for a while, and was the perfect place for a celebratory engagement dinner for a newly engaged relative after drinks in the cool (in both senses of the word, it was an incredibly hot day and their AC was on point!), slick surroundings of The Light House, a mere 30 seconds away in the culture filled and fabulous Chinatown. I love Chinatown! Within seconds my nose was drawn to the smell of the custard filled ‘fishies’ in the bakery next door, but knowing dinner wasn’t too far away, I dragged myself away (i’ll be back for you little fishies!)

Anyhoo, after a couple of Aperols and a few more random concoctions at The Light Lounge, it was needless to say, we had built up quite the appetite! On entering the venue, my initial thoughts were ‘I wish this was my kitchen/dining room!’ the place is awesome, stripped back walls and simple, clean furniture and furnishings, an open kitchen so all the glorious fumes floating all around you the second you step in. We were taken to our table downstairs and given menus – our waiter recommended about 2-3 dishes per person as rather than individual plates, they’d taken the traditional Indian culture right through to the dining experience and set the dishes up as sharers instead. Fine by me, that means we get to taste more of the menu. Restaurants with these concepts are on the rise now and for good reason, myself amongst i’m sure many others can’t just pick one thing on the menu, I like to have a choice and when you have a big enough party and sharing dishes you can do just that! So, we did what any normal people would do and ordered the majority of the menu with a little help from our waiter (we couldn’t choose between the huss or the haddock!)

Within minutes of us ordering, the dishes came flying out of the kitchen in whichever order they were ready. First the bhel puri, which was just stunning, there is something about it that is just so refreshing – it makes a great start to any meal. Then the scallop, ok, so its 1 per portion and upon seeing it I was a little disappointed (err 1 scallop?!) but genuinely the flavours pack such a punch that 1 was actually quite enough! The sweetness of the scallop contrasted well against the char but still had enough space for a delicate coriander dressing – absolute perfection.

But the thing I really want to talk about is the rabbit keema pao. Rabbit is not something I would generally pick, but having never really seen rabbit in Indian cuisine I was intrigued and I just had to get it! It arrives at our table, and it just smells heavenly, accentuated by the pickled carrots (ha! I see what you did there) and crispy potato bits with buttery soft buns, it was beautiful and not gamey in the slightest – I believe this dish has converted me from Team Lamb to Team Rabbit and I don’t see me changing back!

After all this, plus the lamb ribs, tadka daal and the baked huss (I have still yet to google this huss) we decided we were far too full for dessert, and went for a nightcap instead at the hip yet classy HamYard Hotel …. and saw they had a cheese board, so naturally, we had to order it – totally worth it by the way if any of you are thinking about heading there!

Thanks for the amazing experience Kricket, i’ll be back for the other half of the menu soon enough!


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