Fancy Crab, Mayfair

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Ohh you fancy huh? Then you gotta head down to Fancy Crab! This place came to my attention thanks to a recommendation from the bestie (who I was supposed to go with – let’s hope she forgives me!) .. for a last minute catch up with my brother post-Goa. And we couldn’t have picked a better place, as you know Goa is the hub of all things seafood!

Anyway, on to the restaurant. Stepping inside, it looks and feels strangely like the inside of a ship, everything a wonderous shade of dark teal aglow with dim yellow-orange lights akin to those of a lighthouse, drawing you in further; only to be met by the distinct scent of the sea. A lovely chap greets us and hands us several menus unaware of the fact that I had already downloaded the menu and chosen exactly what I was having, but no harm comes from looking again right?… Wrong, so so wrong. The menu was filled with so many amazing things, mussels in tom yum, langoustines and erm pretty much crab everything?

First things first though, drinks! Now it’s been a tough week, so there was only one drink for me … wine! And yes, I committed the ultimate crime… I chose red because nothing can quite grab my attention like an oaky Crianza Rioja, it was just perfect. For starters we decided on the king crab bites and oysters. Now oysters are somewhat new to me, I guess it’s because I always thought it odd to eat raw but I have come to really love them and if they’re on a menu anywhere (especially a seafood place!) I just have to try .. at least one! I was faced with dilemma, all 5 varieties looked incredible – in the end we settled for the panko-crusted ones with wasabi aioli and asian pickles, now i’m not sure whether I prefer raw or fried oysters (I guess i’ll just have to try more?)

After we pretty much inhaled our starters, out came the main course, charcoaled merus with butter and thyme served with a side of triple cooked chips, smoky mayo, garlicky butter and more asian pickles (have I told you how much I love a good pickle?). The crab meat soft, buttery and so tender, it pulled apart with minimal effort, the charcoal mixing with the natural sweetness of the crab meat – it was just heaven! It is definitely a perfect portion size for 1 person, having seen the size of the 3.5kg crab (bigger than my entire torso – I kid you not!).

My family have a tradition of getting together once a year to eat crab .. yep, this isn’t a joke. I remember when I was young, my dad used to bring a live crab home because then it’s ‘fresh’ and spend half the day chasing it around our patio with a hammer (they were nowhere near the size of the one I saw today!) and my mum, or my aunt would make a giant pot of crab curry, all you could hear around the dinner table is the cracking of shell and the occasional ‘woah!’ as a claw or leg flies across the table as it’s slipped out of someones hand – crab always fills me with such happy memories of my family being together, doing what we do best – eating 🙂

ohhh wait, I nearly forgot about dessert! So despite being stuffed beyond stuffed, we were brought the dreaded dessert menu, and as always, we couldn’t resist. And there it was smack bang in the middle of the menu, ‘for two’ and ‘butterscotch’ – we were sold! This pear tarte tatin is nothing like I’ve ever had before, it wasn’t overly sweet, had a lovely heat from star anise and pastry that was lighter than air (I could have totally had one to myself), for next time though – I’ve got my eye on the lemon and lavender panna cotta 🙂

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