Steam Basted Eggs


Ok so anyone who knows me, knows I can’t poach an egg to save my life and I know I’m not alone in that – it’s hard people! So I had to come up with a way that would give me that silky smooth texture of a poached egg without the gloopy mess I usually end up with. And here it is, the steam basted egg, looks fried but tastes/feels nothing like one. So easy to make and you can totally throw anything you want on it – the family favourite is green chillies, cheese and maybe the occasional spring onion.

Serves: 1
Time: 10 – 15 mins

2 eggs
a teeny bit of grease of your choice, I like to use grass fed butter
a cup of water
any toppings (chopped, grated)

1. In a small pan, place your grease on a low heat (literally just enough to line the pan), for a couple of minutes
2. Crack your eggs into the pan
3. When the egg white starts turning white, quickly season your eggs and add your toppings. Adding everything now ensures the toppings/seasonings amalgamate with egg
4. Immediately add a couple of tbsp of water to the pan around the egg and ensure it reaches all sides. Place clear lid on the pan and make sure no steam can escape. Clear lids are better as you can check your eggs progress but if you don’t have one don’t fret!
5. The egg can be made to however you prefer.. Yolk completely uncooked (2 mins), syrupy yolk (3 mins – my personal preference!), fully cooked yolk (4-5 mins)
6. Serve atop a piece of chunky, fresh bread, sourdough makes an excellent choice for this

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