Smoking Goat, Shoreditch

So this place had been on my bucket list longer than I can remember and thanks to an impromptu date night with the bestie, I finally got to sample all of its delights! The restaurant itself is quite inconspicuous, we actually walked past it a couple of times before we eventually got there.. but that may have just been our terrible sense of direction!

Once inside, you feel that you really are in a Thai market, it’s noisy, crammed and some fabulous spicy smells are just floating by your nose, drawing you in further. We are met by the waitress who tells us our table will be ready soon but to wait at the bar, we oblige as we had just stuffed our faces at TraTra and needed to some time to digest! And so glad we did, the drinks menu was incredible, cocktails featuring Rye and Green Chilli, and some others that I honestly didn’t have a clue what they were – being a massive chilli fan I of course took the chilli cocktail. It was so tasty, almost like a meal in itself, sharp green chilli met with a coolness of zingy lemongrass.

The food menu was just as exciting, the Fish Sauce Chicken Wings were to die for! I love fish sauce anything to be honest and this didn’t disappoint. They had all the sour tang of the fish sauce and spice of red chilli’s but were surprisingly sweet underneath it all – perfection! The Duck Laab was actually given to us with warning by the waiter who asked if we would like rice with it because it was super spicy… and we said no because we thought there is no way this will be THAT spicy, and we are 2 Indian girls, i’m sure we can handle it … we were wrong… so so wrong! Literally set our mouths on fire, took a good litre of water to recover from that, next time we will be ordering the rice for sure!

And last but not least, we got the drunken noodles, oh my were they delicious, a perfect bit of brisket in every mouthful. This was spiced beautifully, a wonderful way to end this dinner. Next time we go, we will be going on an empty stomach, there was sooo much more on the menu to discover!

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