Never-Fail No-Bake Cheesecake


Ok sooooo I know this doesn’t look basic, but what I am about to give you is my secret recipe to my never-fail cheesecake filling and THAT I can assure you is super basic! I’ve been making cheesecakes since I can remember, experimented with lots of random ingredients (e.g Dream Topping – yes I am being serious), but nothing quite beats the creamy yet light consistency of this, it’s almost mousse-like! And you can flavour this however you want… I make a white choc and stem ginger one A LOT – even my husband, who despises ginger, declares this as his fave! (happy to divulge the recipe for that – at a steep price ;), I joke, but do let me know if you want it!)

Serves: well that really depends if you want to share???
Time: under 1 hour 

For the base:
biscuits of choice, about a 1 1/2 packets (digestives are always a safe option, but if you fancy stepping it up, I’ve found HobNobs and Ginger Nut to be pretty amazing!)
up to 250g butter

For the filling:
280g Philadelphia (or cream cheese alternative)
300g whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla essence
literally any filling under the sun! (custard powder whipped straight into the cream and stewed cinnamony apples makes a great apple pie cheesecake!)

1. Make your base. In a food processor is quickest but you can also crush biscuits by hand with a rolling pin (in a bag!) if you’re feeling particularly stressed – it really does do the trick! They need to reach a fine crumb, place in large bowl
2. Melt butter and add to crushed biscuits a little bit at a time, stirring the butter through thoroughly each time until the the base resembles a wet crumb that holds firm when pressed .. i find usually around just over half a block of butter does it
3. Tip half into a springform pan (the one I use is 9.5 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in depth) and press the base gently down – not too hard though otherwise it will be literally impossible to cut. You need about 1cm base (doesn’t have to be perfect but flat is good!), the rest of the base mix you press around the inside circumference of the pan, just a thin couple of mm’s thick, again this doesn’t have to be perfect just high enough to keep the filling in. Clingfilm and place in freezer
4. Pour cream into large bowl and whip until firm, then add the cream cheese. It will become a tad less firm but it won’t affect it, you shouldn’t need to whip again but if you’re worried you can! Although, if you are adding powders (e.g. cocoa, custard) this will need to be re-whipped in for better distribution
5. Stir in vanilla essence and all your other fillings
6. Take base out of freezer and touch to ensure its firmed up (if not give it some more time and in the meanwhile place filling in fridge). If firm, tip filling into base and spread evenly over base roughly
7. Add toppings if you wish, e.g. drizzle of chocolate, mini eggs, chocolate shavings, sprinkles, glitter – possibilities are endless!
8. Best kept in fridge overnight and served the next day, but if you are strapped for time, you can always place in freezer and take out at least an hour before serving.


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